It is a fact that at some stage the hardware your important data is sitting on will fail.

Key causes of data loss:

78% Hardware or System Malfunction
11% Human Error
7% Software Corruption or Program Malfunction
2% Computer Viruses
1% Natural Disasters
1% Other

When it does happen to your company, what is your business going to do and how are you protected?

We know for a fact that most businesses, no matter how much training we give them and what hardware we setup, still do not keep to a schedule and backup properly.  Are your external Hard disks and USB keys going to help, or are you going to be left wondering why you were not using a monitored, secure, safe online backup system from Belton?

When you sign up at Belton it becomes our business to help you safely backup your data and provide you with the right support so that when something does happen, you can bounce right back and continue on with minimal downtime and minimum impact.

Our service is cheaper than rebuilding from scratch. Disaster-Proof your business!