How it Works

Getting started with Belton Online Backup is easy.

Step 1. Sign up for an account.

Step 2. Download our easy to use software.

Step 3. Choose the files you would like to backup.

Step 4. Set a schedule. 

Use our software to select your important files and back them up offsite and onto our secure online server. When your Computer, Notebook, Mac or Server fail, you can get your important data back! Quickly and Easily!

Your data is so secure while being moved by BOB that there is more of a chance of your computer, notebook and backup disks being stolen than there is anyone getting their hands on your data. While BOB is storing your files, only you can read them. You see, when your data leaves your computer it is locked in such a way that only you can unlock it.

"When your data leaves your computer it is locked in such a way that only you can unlock it"

You can access BOB at anytime from any computer. Using our software to get your files back at the click of a mouse. Simply select the files you want back and click your mouse. It is really that easy!

BOB is a monthly subscription service. Think of it was insurance, not an expense. BOB is unashamedly the best value data protection on the planet; it will help you get your files back in a time of need and best of all our team are always here to assist.

"Our team are always here to assist"

Here is how our service works, in a bit more detail.

1.  You tell BOB software what data you want to protect.
2.  BOB compresses your data into a smaller size to move it over the internet.
3.  BOB securely transports your data through the internet to the Belton server in Cyber Space.
4.  The data is stored away ready to be called back to your computer at the click of the mouse.
5.  BOB works with Windows, MAC and Linux.

Technical Explanation

1.  BOB has plenty of extended modules, it will back up your Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL too.
2.  BOB uses 128 bit encryption to the server and data is uploaded through SSL, this is what a lot of NZ banks use.
3.  All data stored on our servers remains private and secure in an encrypted state.
4.  BOB uses RAID for redundancy inside the server and also replicates all the data daily onto a second backup server. That's 4 offsite backups.
5.  The Belton servers are located in top Auckland data hosting facilities in Auckland. They are locked and secure environments, with redundant internet, power   and state of the art fire protection.
6.  BOB can work with single user machines right through to data critical server environments.

For further information and a whitepaper on our service please contact