Our Solution

Lowest overall cost, best protection. 
Belton Online Backup (BOB) offers complete protection to your business data and unprecedented service for the best overall cost. 

Automatic Backup
Once the software is set up and configured, the backup process is completely automatic. No user intervention is required. Our software can even switch your computer off when it is finished.

Reliable and proven technology.  
Our software is being used by thousands of satisfied users all over the world and has been proven to work well on various software platforms. Using BOB gives you the peace of mind because you are using one of the most reliable and popular data protection systems available on the market place.  

Easy to use, simple to maintain.
On the client-side, functions are cleanly laid out and buttons are self-explanatory. Backup, restore and configuration can be done typically within a few clicks.

Secure data storage, multiple levels of protection. 
Data is encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored onto the Backup Server. To further assure your data safety, Belton move the data from the primary server and onto a secondary server. This means we replicate your backup data to another BOB Server. Moreover, the data synchronization is close to real-time. By having offsite copies, your business can thus be protected from fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, etc.  

Specialised backup agents for popular applications.
BOB has specialised backup agents for a range of applications, namely, MS Exchange Mail Level agent, MS Exchange Server agent, MS SQL Server agent, Oracle Database agent, MySQL Database agent and Lotus Domino/Notes Server agent.

Your backups are more reliable and faster.
BOB comes with a flexible backup scheduler. You can easily implement the desired backup policies. BOB can backup open files, e.g. your Microsoft Outlook mailboxes can still be backed up while they are working with their emails. Furthermore, backup of larger files can be completed in much shorter timeframe with BOB’s incremental option, which minimizes data transfer by uploading only the modified data files that change each day.  

Simple, smart restore from anywhere at any time.
BOB web interface (BOB PORTAL) allows you to restore their backup files from anywhere at any time. BOB provides flexible retention policy settings which allow you to restore snapshots of data sets as of a particular point in time to recover a past version of a file for whatever reasons.